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1. Redhub 30 January incorporates Central Gauteng Triathlon Championships for Road Sprint, Super Sprint and Road Standard Distances. Redhub event on 6 March incorporates Central Gauteng triathlon Championships for Cross Triathlon Championships.

2. Entries for Championship events are as per age groups. Age Group is selected as per athletes age on 31 December.

3. Minimum age for entering Sprint Distance events is: Junior Athletes from the age of 12 can participate. Super Sprint event for athletes aged 12-15, Sprint for athletes 16-19 and Standard distance for older athletes.

4. Athletes should be at least 18 years old at 31 December if the athlete wishes to compete in the Standard Distance events. Younger Athletes can only compete in the Sprint distance events.

5. Age groups are: 12-13,14-15, 16-19 for sprint events and 18-24 for standard events. Further senior age groups are 25-29,30-34,35-39,40-44,45-49,50-54,55-60,60+

6. Events are Sanctioned by Triathlon South Africa following ITU rules and regulations.

7. CGT (Central Gauteng Triathlon) team will be selected to represent CGT at National Championships, based on results achieved at the Championship events.

8. Selection criteria are: To ensure qualification for the team, athletes needs to complete the event within 10% of the time of the winning athlete, within the category.

9. In addition, CGT selection committee can select additional team members who did not qualify automatically. The idea is to select 3-4 athletes per category.