16 February incorporates Central Gauteng Cross Triathlon and Duathlon championships. This race day is a precursor to 26 April SA Cross Triathlon Championships.
1.Trophies will be available for position 1,2,3 in each age category.
2. For Team selection or to receive a trophy, you need to be registered with TSA .(TSA number included in your entry information.).
3. For Team selection you need to complete your race within 110% of the completed time of the first place finisher in your age group.
4. The selected Cross Triathlon team will take part in the SA championships on 26 April for Cross Triathlon.
5. The aim is for the selected Cross Duathlon team to participate in an championship race later in the year.
6.Pleace check out this page closer to race time for routes and other updates.
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa

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