Read the section about registration.
Race Day Registration for Triathletes and Duathletes to the left of the transition area, as you are facing the dam under the brown tent. 
Swimmers Registration at the same location as Triathletes but swimmers need to register only 60 minutes before the start time of their specific event or at pre-registration times as described above.
Wetsuits will be allowed for open water swim. For Triathletes, wetsuits rules will apply in accordance with ITU rules.
At registration, you will receive a Chip and race number. Race number should be visible to enable identification for PHOTO purchase after the event. ALSO FOR VIDEO TIMING                         IDENTIFICATION. Link and photos will be available on THIS site from  Wednesday / Thursday after the event.  
Keep your exit band received at registration which allows you free exit from the venue.                 Spectators should please purchase their exit band at the venue to exit the venue.
ALL Races are non-drafting.
Toilets are available below the dam wall and also ample facilities in the main venue building. Additional mobile toilets will be added for the event day.
Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge is a reserve. Please do not litter. NOT DURING BEFORE OR               AFTER THE EVENT.
Redhub WINNERS Medals on the day will be for event winners Male/Female only. Finishers tmedals for all.
RED HELMET STICKER MUST BE PLACED ON FRONT of the helmet for Standard Road Triathlon and Duathlon. BLUE sticker on the front of the helmet for ROAD SPRINT Triathlon.
SWIM CAP MUST BE WORN in any swimming event and must be bright coloured.
Sport watches are allowed in all Redhub swim events Triathlon and Open water Swim.
Team event (first member) hand over the chip in the transition area to next member waiting at the bike.
No set cut-off times. TSA officials will control access to the transition area. 
We will have a demarcated area for bags while athletes are racing.
Please read the Race briefing section.