Licensing Requirements (For Triathletes/Duathletes NOT for Open Water Swimmers)
Triathlon is an Olympic Sport. As Redhub we have already secured a Provincial Championship to be incorporated into our event on 10 March 2019. It is a requirement for every Triathlete and Duathlete to be Licensed with TSA as at the time of a Redhub sanctioned event. If participant are taking part on a fairly regular basis, an annual license (Cost R 470) , is the way to go. If you have the annual license no "day license" is required. If however , you do not have a annual license, we as Redhub is required to collect R 100 for standard events and R 35 for shorter events on behalf of the Triathlon Body. (Central Gauteng Triathlon and ultimately Triathlon South Africa) . For Annual License subscription please click on the Central Gauteng Triathlon logo on this page and from there find a button for Registration and Licensing. IMPORTANT: TO BE SELECTED TO THE GAUTENG TRIATHLON TEAM YOU DO REQUIRE A ANNUAL LICENSE AT THE TIME OF THE SELECTION EVENT.
Obtain your Licence ,  RECEIVE YOUR LICENSE NUMBER and PLEASE ALLOW FOR 48 HOURS PRIOR TO ENTERING THE REDHUB EVENT. WHEN entering the Redhub event , you can enter your License number at checkout time and a day license will not be charged.
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa

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