Licensing Requirements (For Triathletes/Duathletes NOT for Open Water Swimmers)
It is a requirement for every Triathlete and Duathlete to be Licensed with TSA as at the time of a Redhub sanctioned event. If the participant is taking part on a fairly regular basis, an annual license (Cost R 470), is the way to go. If you have the annual license no "day license" is required. If however, you do not have an annual license, we as Redhub is required to collect R 120 for standard events and R 35 for shorter events on behalf of the Triathlon Body. (Central Gauteng Triathlon and ultimately Triathlon South Africa) . For Annual License subscription please click on the Central Gauteng Triathlon logo on this page and from there find a button for Registration and Licensing. IMPORTANT: TO BE SELECTED TO THE GAUTENG TRIATHLON TEAM YOU DO REQUIRE A ANNUAL LICENSE AT THE TIME OF THE SELECTION EVENT.
Obtain your Licence,  RECEIVE YOUR LICENSE NUMBER and PLEASE ALLOW FOR 48 HOURS PRIOR TO ENTERING THE REDHUB EVENT. WHEN entering the Redhub event, you can enter your License number at checkout time and a day license will not be charged.
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