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11 April Race Report

Another event during covid restrictions completed without any major problems. Each athlete received an additional mask to discard at the start of his/her event.

Interesting and encouraging trends at the event were:

1) A substantial increase in team participation.

2) Duathlon as a discipline is making a comeback with good entry numbers.

3) First timers taking part in MTB disciplines increased.

4) Open water swim numbers were down, most probably as a result of the time in the season.

Overall numbers were good when taking into consideration that the event had to be held very close to the easter holidays!

The winter break is upon us and athletes are encouraged to speak to family and friends about taking part in our next event on 12 September! Please keep developing Team events, MTB and Duathlon. These are all important to the health of the sports of swimming, cycling and running, in some form.

12 September will be soon after the winter break, water will start to warm, but Duathlon will be on the program for all the faint-hearted!

We trust that the event will not be restrictive in any way or shape and be close to normality after the commencement of Covid restrictions in March 2020.


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