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Cancellation of 24 April Redhub South African Championship Status


Redhub will replace insurance cover provided by TSA on the day by Third Party Commercial Comprehensive cover for Athletes.

The only reason presented by TSA in cancelling the Redhub Event STATUS as South African Championship was that a SA team for World Championships has to be announced prior to the date of the Redhub event.


  1. How was this known on 14 March after re-confirming the event to Redhub Management on 11 March?

  2. When Redhub received a one line WhatsApp about the cancellation a follow up call was promised by TSA on the day. This was not done! Why not? SA Championships not important enough?

  3. What other factors contributed to the decision by TSA?

  4. When was submission dates really communicated to TSA by the World Body?

  5. Why Cancel the event Status when MOST- that is 99% of athletes do not attend the event to compete for a slot to World Championships.(If too late, athletes could have been offered a slot in next years World Championships).

  6. Why cancel a SA Championship when Cross Triathlon should be re-built after the glory days of EXTERRA.

  7. How is this cancellation done without consulting all relevant stakeholders? Redhub would have hosted the event including costs of medals etc.

  8. Athletes pay participation fees in Day and Annual licenses for Governing bodies to develop the sport. This is spelled out in detail in the TSA constitution. Each and every athlete should ask themselves: What development by the Governing body do they experience, given their contribution in day and annual license fees? In developing the sport, what is the contribution of Athletes, Parents, Clubs, Coaches, Events VS Governing Body?

  9. The Provincial Body CGT(Central Gauteng Triathlon) requested a discussion from TSA in respect to the cancellation, but reported "no response about this matter.

As reported in a email campaign:

"Redhub 24 April will NO longer incorporate SA Championships. The abrupt change in status was communicated to Redhub by TSA (Triathlon South Africa)without consultation or sufficient explanation. Athletes who lose out deserve a National championship and a competent national sanctioning body. (The change in status was communicated to Redhub on 14 March by WhatsApp, after TSA re-confirmed the event on 11 March; the event was agreed upon some months ago and advertised as such by Redhub in good faith).

Redhub would have preferred to host the event as a SA Championship. However, the event format and racing on the day will remain unchanged.

Redhub will continue to develop its event in an athlete and family-friendly way at this pristine venue for the benefit of all levels of athletes."