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Do a Redhub Triathlon! A fun sport for everyone(Swim/Bike/Run)

The reality is that it is within reach of many of us. If you are fit, able to cover a swim of 400 meters or 750 meters and own a bike and a pair of running shoes, why not participate in the next Redhub event (At the time of writing this post, 24 April 2022.)

You can bring a mountain bike or a road bike. Choose your preferred cycle version for the Triathlon. You will cyle an MTB trail as part of the event or choose the Road version.

For first-timers, Redhub offers the super sprint version or the sprint version.

The super sprint version of the Triathlon starts with a 400-meter swim, followed by a 5.8 km MTB cycle or 12 km road cycle as the second leg and a short 3.3 km Run. Not too daunting as a first stab at Triathlon.

The sprint option is available if you are ready for a more extended challenge. You will swim 750 meters in the Sprint version, followed by a 12 km MTB ride or 20 km road cycle and a 4.6 km run.

The MTB version is not very technical, fun, and inside the beautiful Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge. The road Cycle version is an out and back course in the cradle area.

The requirement is a reasonable fitness level and a change of clothing between events inside the transition area. Or a one-piece Triathlon suit, which will see you through the event in one piece of clothing. A swim cap and swimming goggles for the swim are also needed. Redhub officials will assist in racking your bike in the transition area in the morning. A race briefing will explain the routes. (Already mapped out on the website in detail).

Redhub events are family-friendly events without too many rigid rules and regulations. The event is ideal for first-time Triathletes.

When the gun goes at your race start time, you will enter the water and swim the selected lap anti-clockwise around the buoys as explained in the race briefing, followed by a short run into the transition area to your bike. You will need a helmet, shoes and a possible change of clothing. You will need a towel to wrap for changing from a swimsuit. You will leave the transition area at the exit and follow clear arrow markings for the cycle. Pushing the bike inside the transition area to a bike-mount line is required.

Entry and exit are at the same spot in the transition area. Check it out on the website and the morning before the event starts.

When you return from the cycle, you will dismount at the entry of the transition area and push your bike to the spot where you left previously. Take the helmet off, shoe change and clothing change as you need to and out of the transition area to follow running markers as explained on the website and in the race briefing.

For those who would like a call back for answering some detailed questions, mail the Redhub team at

Triathlon is not a complicated sport. It is simple and rewarding, and challenging for those who challenge themselves. There are many distances from the Super Sprint right up to the entire Iron Man distance of 3.8 km swim, 180 km cycle and 42 km Run; Redhub is the event to start!

Visit the redhub website, choose your option and enter