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Expenses To Stage Events

Athletes often ask about entry fees? What it is used for? Why events are expensive?

This post is about transparency of costs.

Listed here are typical costs. Many of these categories of expenses may vary from event to event depending on the venue, Costs to local authorities and many other factors. Many of the costs are variable, such as nutrition, size of the transition area, marshals required etc.

Redhub events are hosted in a nature reserve, surrounded by nature, a hand full of kilometers outside Johannesburg. Cradle Moon management plays an essential role in maintaining routes (MTB and others), and each competitor at Redhub events contributes to the conservation of nature and its wildlife.

Redhub events cater for families, new participants in the sport of Triathlon and Open Water swimming, and experienced athletes.

Hosting an event starts with an application to the South African Police to categorize the event. Upon approval of the event and classification, a further application made to the local authorities incorporating safety measures, liability insurance, water test and several other items.

The event itself is the final activity in a project plan.

Typical costs for 400 participants are as follows:

  1. Marshalls R 3750

  2. Ambulances and staff R 6500

  3. Admin Staff before and during the event R 5500

  4. Route Marking R 3500

  5. Signage R 5000

  6. Transition area Build and remove R 15000

  7. Electronic Timing R 25 000

  8. Life Savers R 9000

  9. Think Bike Marshalls on Motor Bikes R 7000

  10. Website Maintenance R 12000

  11. Digital and other Marketing R 12000

  12. Venue and Conservation Fees R 21 000

  13. Project Management R 10 000

  14. Medals and Prizes R 9000

  15. Water, Coke, Ice in addition to sponsor R 3000

  16. Equipment Hire R 4000

  17. On The Day Staff R 5000

  18. Liability Insurance R 4500

  19. Water Point Staff R 2800

  20. Traffic Police R 3500

  21. Athlete Race Numbers R 2000

Total Cost R 169 050

* If the event is sanctioned another cost of R 23000+ is added.

50% of the field are Open Water Swimmers with entry fees ranging from R200 to R 300.

Triathletes and Duathletes entry fees range from R 490-R 750 (R 750 for Standard Distance Triathlon).

Total Entry Fee assuming an average entry fee of R 450 = R 180 000

Historically, some events are profitable and others are hosted at a financial loss.

Events are not massively profitable.