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Redhub 22 November Race Report

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

Despite the heavens opening with rain during the days before the event and certainly as participants got ready on Sunday morning, around 1000 enthusiasts still made it to the venue to attend to the race in some capacity.

It was disappointment for MTB triathletes/Duathletes as slippery and dangerous conditions resulted in the MTB routes being substituted with Tar alternatives. The organisers are grateful for the accommodating spirit with which the MTB specialists accepted their fate on the day.

Further credit to officials for allowing all races to go ahead and be completed safely, despite the continued drizzle throughout the day.

The format implemented at the event whereby participants in the longer events raced multiple laps worked very well. This concept is an international trend, It keeps the racing compact and great for spectators. It is even better at a venue such as Cradle Moon Lakeside Lodge where the event is part of nature and natural animal life. Route markings are simplified. Athletes share the same running route irrespective of their event. With all athletes racing over the same running course an exciting vibe and spirit on the day are created.

For 31 January event, the Redhub organisers will put even more route markers out. The Ultra event will run over the same course incorporating more laps. All events will keep the rolling start swim format which also worked well. Redhub can only trust that MTB Triathletes will enjoy a stunning well-marked dry course in January.

Redhub events started in April 2017 with 60 participants. Now approaching the 20th event, it is still true to form, an event with options and excitement for all.

The Ultra event on 31 January is the perfect preparation race exactly six weeks before Ironman 2021, or perfect for testing yourself over an Ultra distance. Available will be options for MTB or Road Triathlon or Duathlon. With 10 weeks to go as this post is published, enter now as a commitment and commence with the journey!

To those participants who completed the event on 22 November in the rainy conditions! Thank you very much.We trust that we will see you on 31 January. An early entry commitment will get out of bed for those early morning sessions!

To Triathletes who missed 22 November or "want to be" Triathletes who did not join us in the fun, see you on 31 January 2021. It is all about committing to the journey early with an entry and a training program to match!

What athletes said about the 22 November event:

"Dear Willie, thank you for a great day, tuff event with the rain, it was really done well!"

"Thanks very much for a lovely event, my kids did very well. Event ran smoothly, and looking forward to the next one. "

"Thank you so much Redhub Events team for an awesome event on Sunday."

"Wet Wet Wet..but worth it...great hosted event. #383 see you guys 31 Jan".

"I have enjoyed today's race was different with the weather and very muddy."

"Today race was an awesome one."

"Thanks guys it was super fun and very wet."

"I just want to give a big shout out to all the Life Savers doing duty on Sunday, you guys rock......"