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Redhub Routes

For routes altered from 6 March event Read below and follow graphics.

For a complete list of routes see route maps including Road Cycle routes and Swim courses on the website Click here.


  1. See Transition Layout Flow below.

  2. Super Sprint Run is now 3.4 km as per graphic below.

  3. MTB Super Sprint ride will follow Yellow markers.

  4. See Run Route changes as below.

  5. Duathlon Run 1 will follow the blue markers , same run route as Super Sprint. (3.3 km).

  6. Road Cycle routes remain unchanged.

Race Briefing 15 Minutes before each event start.


Standard Run Route 4.5 km: Follow black markers. ( 1 Lap for Duathlon, 1 Lap for Sprint Triathlon, 2 Laps for Standard Distance Triathlon, 4 Laps for Ultra. (Water points at Transition, 2.5 km into run and at end of each lap).

Super Sprint Run and Run1 for Duathlon. Follow Blue Markers

MTB Super Sprint Route: Follow Yellow Markers

MTB 12.5 km Lap . Follow Red Markers.( 1 Lap for MTB Sprint Triathlon, 2 Laps for MTB Standard Triathlon, 3 Laps for MTB Ultra)

Elevation Profiles:

12.5km MTB

5.85 Km MTB (Super Sprint)