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Water Quality At Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge

Water Quality at Cradle Moon Lakeside Game Lodge: We took a sample at the dam and had it tested for the two key elements stipulated by the International Triathlon Union. The sample was taken on 21 January and tested at a professional approved laboratory. The requirement is for Escherichia Coli (Ecoli) to be less than 200 cfu(colony forming unit) per 100 ml. The sample taken measures at none! The second element measured is Intestinal Enterococci, which is important as a bacterial indicator. The allowed reading is 500cfu/100 ml. The reading in the sample is 119cfu/100ml. Therefore at only 20% of the allowed level. The test is a confirmation that the water at the dam is as clean as can be expected. Encouraging, given that clean open water is becoming tough to find and to maintain. A credit to stakeholders in the area and staff at Cradle Moon. The future of clean open water requires that every user and the public, in general, become a stakeholder of all resources in our ecosystem.