The Triathlon Swim Course is anti-clockwise two laps of 750 meters for the Standard Triathlon Road Event and Cross Triathlon Event. One lap for the Sprint Triathlon Road Event and Cross Light Triathlon Event. 
One Lap of 500 meters for the ATU  Cross Triathlon Junior event and Two laps of 600 Meters for the ATU Cross Triathlon event for seniors.
The 750 meter open water swim is one lap of the 750 meter course.
The 1500 meter open water swim Swim Course is anti-Clockwise , 1 lap as below. The 3000 meter open water swim is anti-clockwise , 2 laps of the course below.
20 Km Sprint Road Cycle
Out and back route. Out the main gate at Cradle Moon Lodge. Left on the main road and continue to the T junction (Traffic Circle) . Left till the turn around and follow the same route back. See profile below. Follow Blue route markers.
40 Km Standard Road Cycle
Out the main gate at Cradle Moon Lodge. Left on the main road and continue to the T junction (Traffic Circle) . Left and continue on this road until you pass the Lion Rhino Park on the right. Over a narrow bridge and then over a  large traffic circle. (in at 6 o clock and second exit out at 12 o clock) . About another 4 km before you turn right towards the Sterkfontein caves. 2km down this road you find turn around signage with a Think Bike  Marshall present. You will turn around, follow the same route back to the the same large traffic circle. Again you will exit at the second exit. follow straight on past Bidon Bistro and Kloofzicht. Climb a fairly steep hill to a T junction . Turn left and  continue until you turn left into Cradle Moon Lodge. You follow Red Route markers. along the way.
Cross Triathlon  Events
Important to note that you turn right and mount immediately as you exit the Transition area onto the MTB trail. (SHARP RIGHT AND RIGHT OUT OF TRANSITION).Follow the Red markers along the 12.2 km route.
Cross Triathlon Sprint finish after 1 Lap. 
Cross Triathlon Standard and African Continental Cross Triathlon follow The Lap2  Signage, for a second lap of the course, before finishing into transition.
4.0 km Duathlon Run 1
Your run 1 start when the gun goes for the 1.5km  Standard  Sprint  Triathlon. Follow the Green arrows.
4.5 Km Run
4.5 Km run. Second run for Duathletes and all Triathletes. Standard Road Triathletes and Standard Cross Triathletes complete two Laps. Sprint distance, complete one lap.
Johannesburg Gauteng South Africa

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