7:00 am  Super Sprint Triathlon
Price:  Road Super Sprint R475
7:30 am  Road Standard Triathlon, Road Duathlon, Cross(MTB) Triathlon. Cross Duathlon. Team Road Triathlon and Team Cross Triathlon.Sprint Road Duathlon.
Price:  Road Standard Triathlon R700, Cross MTB Triathlon R630. Cross Duathlon R550. Road Duathlon R 580.Team R 850.Sprint Road Duathlon R 500.
8:00 am  Road Sprint Triathlon, Cross Light Triathlon. (non Championship athletes) and Sprint Team Event.
Price:  Road Sprint Triathlon R 650. Cross Sprint Triathlon R560. Sprint Team Event R 750 Sprint.
* Pricing is Inclusive of Vat  . Day License fees will be charged for non registered Triathlon/Duathlon athletes. No license fees are payable for open water swim events.
8:45 am 3000-meter open water swim.
Price:  R 280
09:45 am 750-meter open water swim.
Price:  R 200
10:45 am 1500 meter open water swim.
Price:  R 280